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A few months ago when I made the decision to come back to photography it was not one I made lightly. I love being at home with my son, seeing him grow and learn new things every day lights my soul and fills my heart in so many ways. I am so blessed to have a husband who supports my dream of staying home with our baby and who works incredibly hard to make it happen. Part of me felt guilty for wanting to do something that would take away from my time with him but I knew that it was important for me to show our son that I am more than a mom; I need to be more than his mom for me and for our family. In order for me to be the kind of mom that I want to be, I need to be and do all of the things that make me whole. So I made the choice to feed my soul with all of the things that make me happy and that meant getting back behind the camera.

A lot has changed in the last year though; for our family, for me as a photographer, and for my business. Here’s a little more about my decision to come back and how becoming a mother has changed what I photograph and why.

As someone who typically shot anything and everything that came across my plate, not wanting to pass on any opportunity to grow as a photographer, it took the birth of my son for me to realize what I truly wanted to focus on and why.

Coulter was born on June 21, 2014 and the second I held him in my arms I knew my world would never be the same. Becoming a mother changes you; it turns your world upside down and inside out in a way that is so profound and amazing you didn’t know something so good and satisfying could exist. When something changes you to your core the way having a child does, everything shifts. Everything. The way I saw myself, especially as a photographer, was forever altered.

One of my incredibly talented friends, Elicia Bryan (who just so happens to be a kick ass photographer), was there on the day Coulter was born. She was with us through most of my labor, all 31 hours of it, working hard to give me one of the greatest gifts of my life. The photos she took of Chris and I on the day we became a family of three are so precious to me. We worked hard to bring our son into this world and the story of his birth is the story of our family. I get emotional every time I look back at our birth and am incredibly blessed to have those memories so beautifully frozen in time; not only for us and our families to look back on but for Coulter to see later in life and know how much he was loved from the very beginning.

Motherhood has given me a completely new perspective on how beautiful raw, unfiltered, messy, everyday love is. How the tiniest moments with my son, the ones that get lost in the chaos of our day, are the ones I want to remember forever but somehow seem to forget so quickly. So I make sure to grab shots of the “tiny epics”; the way his feet cross over each other and he rolls his toes when he plays, how his hair curls at his neck when he is sweaty from playing at the park, how he grabs my hand to lead me on small adventures around our kitchen table, the way his face lights up like a dang Christmas tree when his papa gets home from work.  

Changing the way that I document my son and my family has led to a shift in the way I approach my business as a whole. I want to photograph the tiny epics of life as is. Whatever it is that is most important to you at this very moment is what I want to capture; your story is the one I want to tell. Real life is beautiful; no posing or staging necessary. I want my photographs to capture the stories of real life, of your life. Stories of amazing days and of every day. Stories of unconditional love and sheer happiness. Stories of silliness and laughter. Stories of the perfect imperfections, the little details, the organized chaos that’s fills every day. The stories of your beautiful life as is; with laundry piled in the corner, coffee being brewed and consumed by the truckload, toys scattered around the house, laughter echoing in your halls. The stories of all of those seemingly inconsequential moments that you want to remember forever because they are precious. Those are the moments that make up the story of your family; those are the moments that I will help you document, capture and hold onto forever.


The way his feet cross over each other and his toes curl when he plays.

How his hair curls at his neck when he is sweaty from playing at the park.

How he grabs my hand to lead me on small adventures around our kitchen table.

The way his face lights up like a dang Christmas tree when his papa gets home from work.


These are the moments I love. These are the moments I want to capture for my clients. These are the kind of moments that brought me back.