Family Documentary Photography / Atlanta, GA / Brittany Knapik Photography / Barth Family

These days my family sessions are looking a little different. Usually I meet families in their homes and we take pictures of their everyday life, as is. I love these sessions because I feel like I am able to capture moments that really matter, memories that are honest and beautiful.

When a friend from high school contacted me about doing a quick session with one of her daughters I was super excited but a little hesitant. I knew they would be visiting from out of town so my usual in home session was not an option. Ashley has suggested meeting at the Roswell Mill. I had done a couple of sessions there before and knew the area well. It was a beautiful location, but I don’t really do “location” style sessions anymore (my ideal “location” these days would be a trip to the grocery store or *sigh* even Costco!).  Ashley had been following me pretty closely throughout my transition into documentary family photography and understood going into it that we wouldn’t be doing a bunch of posed family shots. So we agreed on a day and time and then she told me why she had chosen the Mill and my hesitation melted away. She wanted pictures of her daughter, Cheyenne, there because that is where her husband had asked her to spend his life with him.

When I arrived to the bridge, they were standing in the exact spot where Zeb had proposed. The place where he had asked Ashley to spend the rest of her life with him is where a tiny life they had created together now stood. The same wood he dropped to one knee on was the same wood their little girl was walking on barefoot, her toes curled tight to get a better grip and steady her deliciously chunky little legs just like his knee had steadied his nerves so many years ago.

This may not have been an at home, everyday life kind of session but it was every bit as honest, beautiful and filled with love. It was perfect.