Family Stories / Brittany Knapik Photography / Atlanta, GA / Andersen Family

This is why I do what I do the way I do. I have wanted to do a session like this for the longest time and now I know why I held out for so long, it was the universe's way of telling me I needed to wait for this specific family.

BKP2018-Anderson Family 4-174.jpg


Hello Andersen family! (Swoon)

Hello fatefully meeting on a random Facebook mom group thread (shout out to DAMES!) having nothing to do with photography. (Swoon)

Hello twins! (SwoonSwoon)

Hello seriously the most amazingly loving couple! (Swoon)

And…all on the girls’ 1st birthday! (Swooooooon)

I have wanted to do a birthday storytelling session with a family since my first birth clients started hitting the one year mark but for one reason or another things just didn't work out. And I can safely say that I'm ok with that because this session was worth every second of waiting!

You may notice there are no photos of the girls‘ faces. Their Mama's have made the choice to not share them on social media and I want to respect that decision. But I can promise you they are SO. STINKING. CUTE. ️

I was with this amazing family from the moment they woke up until their girls went to sleep on the first night of their second year. We talked about her pregnancy and birth, and even watched videos, we talked about what those first few weeks at home we're like, how tandem breastfeeding had changed as the girls grew over the previous 12 months, and everything in between. It was the most incredible journey through the memories that built up their first year as a family of four.

They celebrated the girls with family and close friends, shared lunch and cupcakes, then had some one on one time while the babes napped. These women are amazing and their girls are incredibly lucky to grow up in a house that pulses with happiness and laughter and overflows with so much love.

It was an incredible day. The kind of day that is extraordinary and normal at the same time. So much changed but everything was the same. It is the kind of day you dream of when you want to be a mother and I am so happy I was there to help them capture and hold onto the story of their girls’ first birthday forever.