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A few weeks ago one of my best friends in the world got married in Saint-Florent-des-Bois. She wanted her grandfather, Lewis, to give the traditional speech at the reception but unfortunately he couldn't be there. 


Leslie's grandmother has Alzheimer's and Lewis is her primary care giver which made traveling to France for the wedding very difficult, if not entirely impossible. 

So a few months ago, I went to Birmingham and spent the day with her grandparents. We were able to put together this video that was played at the newlywed's reception. It is without a doubt the most meaningful video I have ever had the honor of making. 

The photo above was taken the first time the bride and groom watched the video just a few days before the wedding. Watch it and you'll see why my beautiful friend needed a pre-wedding viewing of her grandfather's heartfelt speech. 

You may notice a certain 4 year old's voice towards the end...even Coulter wanted to help bring the love of Leslie's grandparents to Leslie and Antoine's wedding day!