Family Photography / Atlanta, GA / Brittany Knapik Photography / Welge Family

Attending the births of my clients is a privilege like none other. I am humbled every time a family invites me into their world to help them tell the story of their growing family and am equally excited when I get to catch up with them every few months to continue telling the story of their new life.

In February I was lucky enough to be there when Charlee and Maddie met their baby sister, Ellie, for the first time. I was there when the Welge family grew from four to five, when the girls flew into their mom's hospital room with their "Big Sister" shirts on and fell in love with the new baby that finally completed their family. 

A few weeks ago I met up with the Welge crew at their beautiful home to document what life is like for them a short 4 months later. There were no matching shirts but the whirlwind of little girls was still the same and the infatuation with baby Eleanor has only intensified! Smiles, belly laughs and baby rolls for days. I love watching these little ladies grow!

Family Documentary Photography / Atlanta, GA / Brittany Knapik Photography / The Weickert-Pulikkotil Family

I love photographing families. I love that I get to tell their stories; stories full of love and personality, of epic life changing days and of their everyday kind of days. Finding the beautiful little moments in the everyday stories is what make my heart happy.

For the Weickert-Pulikkotil family, their everyday family story was a little more family filled than usual, more than 3.5 times as full to be exact! During the holidays they were able to get their extended family all together at their house for a day and I was able to spend a few hours with them, capturing a morning’s worth of the little moments shared between them. (And a few full family portraits to boot! 10 adults, 3 boys and 2 babies looking, I'll take it!)

Babies sitting in their parents and grandparent’s laps, cousins running around outside, stories being read, grandma with her camera always ready to go, and the joy (and craziness) that you only feel when you are surrounded by all of your family.